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Galaxxor 009


During recent preparations for an upcoming interview, I realized that I still had one of the pre ordered Galaxxor 009's that did not end up selling!
From the edge of the Xanthic Interdimensional Rift comes the ninth Galaxxor: Monster Hunter Robo, Galaxxor 009! This classic 5.5" action figure-style resin art toy was sculpted by Ben Spencer, hand cast in blacklight-reactive, chromed aluminum Airsoft pellet infused crystal clear resin by The Godbeast . Galaxxor 009 features 2 points of articulation and comes packed in a traditional bag and header style with exclusive header card art by Steve Seeley. This figure is limited to 5 pre orders and will never be produced in this colorway ever again.
This final Galaxxor 009 is available for $125.

Sold Out